Cleveland KET- Countertop Tilting Electric Steam Kettle

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The Cleveland KET is an electric, tilting steam kettle designed for countertops. You can buy it with a 6 gallon, 12 gallon, or 20 gallon capacity. It's self-contained, easily installed, and only needs an electrical hookup. The steam kettle is 2/3 steam jacketed which is filled with treated water. No venting or refilling is required. The temperature control is solid state with less than +1° Celsius of variance. The operable temperature range is from 63° - 127° Celsius.

The Cleveland KET steam kettle has two control types to choose from. The first control type is the standard control panel. This features a power ON/OFF dial with a temperature dial setting from 1-10. There's also an LED indicator for the heat cycle, and an LED indicator for low water. The second control type is the easyDial control panel which includes a display readout, adjustable temperature control, a 99 minute adjustable timer setting, 3 cooking modes, and 6 built-in self diagnostic functions.

The advantage of a Cleveland steam kettle is that it doesn't have a direct heat source. You know when you're cooking a stew or soup in a stock pot and food burns on the bottom? That's because the food is hottest near the element. With a steam kettle, heat is evenly distributed around the kettle jacket.

      • Made in Canada
      • NSF approved
      • Three capacities: 6, 12, or 20 gallons
      • 316 stainless steel exterior  and 50 psi steam jacket rating
      • Two control types: standard control panel and easyDial controls with a display readout
      • Manual tilt
      • Self-contained, easily installed -- needs only an electrical hookup
      • Accurate, solid state temperature controls
      • Operable temperature range of 63° - 127° Celsius
      • IXP6 rated water resistant
      • Anti drip notch and large pouring lip for high capacity and pouring chunky products
      • Re-inforced kettle rim to prevent damage
      • Welded-in heating elements
      • Easy-to-clean
      • Rear mounted pressure gauge for easy access and pressure relief
      • Self-locking mechanism to prevent accidental spills



Model KET-6-T, KET-12-T, KET-20-T
Dimensions (WDH) 24" x 15.75" x 33.68"
Capacity 6, 12, or 20 gallons
Electrical 208v / 6.1kW / 3 phase


One year parts and labour warranty from the date the product is installed, or twenty-four months from the date of shipment from the Welbilt facility, whichever comes first.