Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial Ranges

These commercial ranges can have ovens, griddles, char broilers, hot tops -- you name it. With electric or gas power.

Restaurant Exhaust Hoods

If you've got cooking equipment in your kitchen, chances are you're going to need an exhaust hood to go with it!

Commercial Toasters

Conveyor and pop up toasters for your toast or bagels. These commercial toasters make residential toasters look like wimps.

Shawarma Machines

These vertical broilers are versatile meat cookers. They can cook shawarma, gyro, tacos al pastor, or donair meat.

Commercial Gas Hoses & Accessories

You'll need these to hook up your fryers, ranges, and anything else that requires a gas connection. These often need to be bought separately.  

Commercial Induction Cookers

The future is now! These countertop induction cookers are fast! Plus they look like they're from a sci-fi movie.

Commercial Waffle Makers

Commercial waffle makers are for perfect for restaurants who want to serve this delicious breakfast treat.

Commercial Ovens

Every kind of oven your restaurant could need, from small countertop models to large rotating bakery ovens.

Floor Deep Fryers

Commercial floor model deep fryers are heavy duty and are perfect for restaurant with a high output.

Countertop Deep Fryers

We have both gas and electric countertop fryers. These are made for smaller cooking outputs, but they're still tough!

Outdoor Fryers

For a rental application, caterers, or any commercial institution who wants to have a heavy duty deep fryer outside.

Fryer Oil Filter Machines

Increase the longevity of your fryer's oil with a mobile fryer oil filtration system.

Commercial Fryer Accessories

Fryer baskets and filter paper machines for your commercial deep fryers.

Commercial Griddles

Countertop griddles comes in both electric and gas types; they can cook almost anything; and they save lots of space.


Perfect to cook steaks, chicken, and fish and give them a smokey flavour and drool-worthy grill marks.

Commercial Panini Presses

Paninis are all the rage right now. And so are our commercial panini presses! Made specifically for restaurants.

Commercial BBQs

Commercial outdoor grills give you all the benefits of a charbroiler or a griddle, but where they're meant to be: outside!

Convection Steamers

These pressureless steamers come in all shapes and sizes: countertop, with cabinets, with steam kettles.

Tilting Skillets

Also known as braising pans. Perfect for cooking a large variety of foods in a quick and even way.

Steam Kettles

Cook big batches of soups, chilis, or almost anything else, with a food steam kettle -- a favourite for many foodservice establishments.

Countertop Food Warmers

Steam cook your vegetables, hot dogs, or meat with one of these. Also great for holding and serving food.

Other commercial cooking equipment

Commercial Crepe Makers

Cook crepes with one of our commercial crepe makers. Perfect for crepe-restaurants, or just as a side hustle.

Commercial Rice Cookers

These aren't ya momma's home rice cookers. These are commercial rice cookers, made for tough restaurants, like yours.

Wok Ranges

Designed for Chinese cooking and other restaurants who use woks to cook with. These are highly customizable ranges.

Commercial Sous Vide Machines

These cook and hold your vacuum packaged food (or other product), circulating it in water, for maximum effiency.

Salamander Ovens

Finish off the top of a casserole dish, cook, or pre-heat a dish, or warm some cheese.

Commercial Hot Plates

We've got both electric and gas countertop ranges: these are also called "hot plates" for the hip kids among you.

Commercial Pasta Cookers

Have an Italian restaurant? Or even if you're just serving a few pasta dishes, you can't go wrong with a pasta cooker.

Stock Pot Ranges

These ranges are built specifically for large stock pots.

Commercial Broilers

These are heavy-duty upright broilers for commercial kitchens who have a high output.

Commercial Air Fryers

Air fryers are a great way to get that deep-fried taste without the calories!