Commercial Fryer Accessories

Commercial fryer accessories include everything you need to start frying (aside from a commercial fryer itself). We have frying baskets, holders for fryer filters, and special filters for automated filter systems. Our team of inhouse experts have specially catered the items you see below.

Fryer baskets come in a variety of capacities, all of which are nickel-plated and great for frying a wide variety of different food products.

If you want to maintain the purity of your oil, you will need to filter it. Generally speaking, there's two ways you can do this: you can filter it traditionally with a fryer filter holder, filter, and bucket underneath the tank; or you can filter it with an automatic filter machine. Automatic filter machines require a special kind of filter that you can find below.

We keep all these items in stock and ship Canada-wide. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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