Commercial Air Fryers

Air fryers are a great modern alternative to traditional greasy deep frying. As the name implies, the idea behind air frying is using hot air instead of oil to cook food until it's brown and delicious. Now, it's important to note that some air fryers do use no oil at all, while others use "a lesser amount" of oil than regular deep fryers, this will depend on your model. All the models we sell are designed specifically for commercial usage. There are residential air fryers for use at home to heat up some chicken wings on occasion, but everything in this collection is meant to operate at a commercial capacity, time and time again.

The main advantage of using air fryers is it's an overall "healthier" option. If your business is looking for a way of promoting a healthier lifestyle with healthier food choices, air frying is a good choice right now. Terms like "greaseless" can help customers make more informed decisions when selecting what (and where) they want to eat. Plus, your employees not having to work with hot, messy, and dangerous oil is a huge bonus for everyone.

BakeMax's greaseless models are 30 to 40% faster than convection ovens, on average, and use 20 to 40% less oil. Please feel free to get in contact with the friendly and knowledgeable iFood team if you'd like to learn more about commercial air fryers. You can reach us by phone at 1-855-388-5999 or you can send us a message on our site.
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