Commercial Hot Plates

Commercial hot plates are used in many restaurants and kitchens across Canada that want to heat up a few saucepans or soup every day but do not have the room for a full stove.

Commercial hot plates are also used by caterers at gatherings when no stove is available. Commercial hot plates can come with a various number of burners, and different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Hot plates typically come with two burners for every 12” of length. Some units come with a tiered design in which the back burners are high then the front burners for easier access to the back burners.
One other question to ask yourself is this: do you want an electric hot plate, or a gas hot plate. Gas is quicker, but electric could be more convenient if you don't have a gas connection. 

Do you have more questions about commercial countertop ranges and hot plates? Fret not: iFoodEquipment has all the answers! So give us a call or shoot us an email.
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