Omcan 37388 - Grey Plastic Dishwasher Rack for General Warewashing

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The Omcan 37388 is a grey, plastic dishwashing rack. This dishwashing rack is designed for general warewashing (e.g. cups, pots, pans, etc.). The dimensions (WDH) are 19" x 19" x 4".

About 95% of commercial dishwashers available on the market take a standard 20" x 20" rack. On occasion, you might find some specialty dishwasher that will require specialty racks to be ordered with it, but for the most part, all of the dishwasher racks we sell will fit in any commercial dishwasher, be it a door-type, conveyor, etc. Furthermore, dishwashing racks are designed for specific purposes. So whether or not you want to wash pots and pans, glass and stemware, flatware, etc., there's a dishwashing rack made specifically for that purpose.

      • Made of grey plastic
      • Designed for washing general wares
      • Dimensions (WDH) 19" x 19" x 4"


Model 37388
Brand Omcan
Dimensions (WDH) 19" x 19" x 4"