Taylor Precision 8750 - Stick-On Adhesive Dishwasher Labels - Pack of 24

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Taylor Precision's 8750 is their "TempRite," stick-on adhesive thermometer labels for dishwasher racks. Commercial kitchens and restaurants need to make sure their dishwashers are operating at the minimum heat for sanitary requirements, and that's where these labels come in. Simply stick the label on the side of a dish rack and when the cycle is done the strip on the label will turn blue if the temperature reached 180°F. The labels are accurate to +/-2°F of 180°F. Each pack contains 24 labels. 

      • Pack of 25 labels; one use per label
      • Sticks on the side of a dishwasher rack
      • Turns blue if dishwasher temp reaches 180° F (+/-2° F accuracy)
      • Meant for testing the temperature of a dishwasher


Model 8750
Brand Taylor Precision
Package Contains 24 labels