Commercial Pot Racks – efi

Commercial pot racks are an alternate way of housing pots and pans which have hang-up openings on their handles. Rather than storing them in, why not make use of your unused wall or ceiling space? This can be a great way to add use some empty space in your kitchen. This helps with efficiency and it gives you more space in your kitchen, which is a necessity in many tight restaurant kitchens.

Pot racks are typically used in the foodservice industry such as restaurants or bakeries, but can be used in residential settings too. You drill these either into a wall or into the ceiling, and then you can hang your pots and pans onto the hooks. Some have shelves for extra storage. Your ceiling height is necessary to consider. Ask yourself: "Where is the easiest and / or fastest place to access the pots and pans?"

And maybe most importantly - please watch your head. Although pot and pan racks provide a fantastic storage solution, heavy-duty metal objects hanging from the ceiling are dangerous when not installed in an appropriate location, especially in a fast-paced environment like a commercial kitchen. Think about where people's heads will be when they're running through the kitchen. You don't want any concussions due to a frying pan! If you're installing a ceiling-mounted option, it's best to place it above an island or counterspace where no one will walk.

Another thing to consider when designing your kitchen is the aesthetic value. Pot and pan racks can function as interesting aesthetic features, so if you're kitchen is visible to your customers, take that into consideration. But more often, they are purchased and used for pragmatic and practical reasons - keeping your kitchen as organized and efficient as possible.
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