ITV S-1050 - 52" Ice Storage Bin - 838 lb Capacity

  • CAD Regular price $3,813.00

The ITV "S-1050" is a sloped front bin that is 48 inches wide and will give you up to 838 pounds of storage. It has a heavy-duty, high quality design, with a sealed door and a low drain for run off water.

It has been made with a high quality stainless steel exterior, and with a non-corroding polyethylene on the interior. This ice bin comes with a custom-cut adapter plate, so that you can fit it perfectly with any ITV modular ice machine. It has been NSF approved, and it comes with 6" adjustable legs and an ice scoop.

      • Stainless steel body AISI 304 with galvanized back and bottom.
      • Strong structure that resists weight of ice machines. The bin maintains appearance, year after year.
      • High density polyurethane insulation injected to ensure long lasting ice inside the bin.


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Dimensions (WDH) 52" x 34.375" x 44.125"
Storage capacity 838 pounds
Net Weight 207


24 months parts and labour warranty.