Lug Racks

Commercial lug racks are a common and simple solution to transporting groups of lugs around the kitchen. Products like these would be suited for use in commercial or professional kitchens, bakeries, bars, and foodservice plants; but of course, they're not limited to foodservice establishments - they are suitable for anywhere you want to transport or store lugs.

These racks can be wheeled around on casters. Being mobile gives you the option to keep everything ready to go, but the rack can also be placed somewhere permanently if you prefer. The racks are available in stainless steel or aluminum construction, depending on the size you want. They have multiple tier levels for storing and moving lugs in a safe, easy, and efficient manner. The larger models can carry several hundred pounds' worth of products.

Lugs, also called crates, buckets, pans, tubs, totes, and more, are universal storage and transport containers for anything small such as flatware, drinkware, dishware, cleaning supplies, meat, seafood, basically anything that will fit inside. But these lugs can get heavy. Having employees move them around one at a time is all right, but if you want to move a bunch at once or more quickly, a lug rack is one of the best solutions.

Most of these products are knock down, meaning they require assembly upon arrival. And please note that pans and lugs are not included with these products and are available for purchase separately.
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