Restaurant Faucets

Cleanliness is absolutely essential in the foodservice industry. Having clean hands is a good start and commercial-grade faucets are the equipment to get that done (and soap!). The difference between the kind of faucets you would have at home compared to these products is their ability to endure the wear and tear of a commercial kitchen environment, and therefore last longer.

Size is one of the major components when choosing faucets for use in restaurants. Sinks or basins come in all different shapes and sizes and therefore the faucets to not only fit, but best accommodate the user and whatever they're washing or rinsing. Gooseneck-style faucets provide more height-room whereas swivel-style faucets provide more width and depth as they can swing back and forth. Most faucets in the commercial world have 2 handles, one on each side of the nozzle, one for hot and one for cold. You can turn both on at the same time to get the perfect water temperature.

We have options for deck-mounted and splash-mounted faucets. Deck-mounted means installed directly into the countertop or sink's back whereas splash-mounted means installed into the wall behind the sink, providing a little more height which therefore reduces splashing, hence the name.

Style is probably the least critical component of picking out a faucet for your establishment, but maybe you like an industrial look. So look around to see what you think is best and please get in contact with us to learn more about restaurant faucets for your foodservice establishment.
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