Restaurant Shelving

Shelving for use in restaurants and other commercial industries is a great way of keeping things out of the way, organized, clean, and easy to access. Obviously, every kitchen and supply room is different and will require different shelving and storage equipment based on its unique layout and size. Shelving units and products like these would be suited for use anywhere things need to be stored, commercial settings including but not limited to restaurants, bars, bakeries, diners, foodservice plants, schools, care homes, and warehouses.

We have stand-alone shelving units, with chrome and epoxy construction, that have multiple shelves that can hold anything that will fit within the loading capacity from equipment, food, drinks, safety supplies, janitorial supplies, to whatever you need. Wall-mounted options are also available, though they have a significantly lower loading capacity than stand-alone units. We sell accessories as well, like casters or wheels, legs, dividers, brackets, levelers, and of course, additional shelves.

Open wire construction ensures airflow and circulation whereas solid material prevents it. For example, if you're storing fruit, extra airflow is better, but if you're drying wet dishes, drips may fall onto products below that need to stay dry.

The last thing anyone wants is shelving that will collapse under too much weight and make a mess. Our products are durable and built to last, some of which can hold thousands of pounds, but please still check the unit's loading capacities before placing heavy equipment or objects on them! Contact us if you'd like to learn more about shelving for commercial use and we would be happy to help!
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