Restaurant Shelving

Restaurant shelving comes in a number of shapes and sizes. For those restaurants and commercial kitchens who have a lot of space, or maybe you own a campground, and you need to store a lot of products, shelving kits are your way to go. These are pre-bundled kits that will include your stock shelves, your shelving posts, and all the shelf accessories needed to make a proper restaurant shelf.

But many smaller restaurants in Canada, especially restauarants in downtown cores like Toronto and Vancouver, might be tight on space. For those folks, a wall mounted shelf might be just the thing they need. Or you could get some wall brackets in our shelving accessories section, and then hang up a stock shelf onto it.

One last possibility is for overshelves. These mount onto a work table or a refrigerated unit, and are a nifty way to add some extra storage space without taking up any new floor space.

If you're worried about your storage needs and want some help choosing out the best restaurant shelves to buy, give us a call or send us an email, and we'd be more than happy to help!