Underbar Equipment

Underbar equipment is exactly what it sounds like - it's equipment for keeping things accessible, organized, and within arm's reach under the bar or counter of your restaurant or bar. This equipment is used more often for drink orders rather than food, but can still help out with both. We have sinks, ice bins, drainboards, blender stations, and a liquor display rack, all of which can fit nicely underneath a bar.

Mixing cocktails and other drinks require a few key components and ingredients, so having everything you need within arm's reach saves a lot of time and also prevents employees crashing into one another. Ice, water, liquor, and a blender can cover a lot of ground, therefore underbar is the way to go. They can also provide a lot of storage space for whatever else you need on hand.

Under bar equipment is designed to fit inside compact spaces to keep out of the way and also increase efficiency and convenience. One way this can happen is by employees not having to walk between work stations - the sink to wash hands, the fridge to get ice, the bar to serve, and so on. But by having a simple and shortened workflow, efficiency is increased as well as your business's profit.

Many items in this collection have a stainless steel construction, ensuring they can handle the rigorous environment of a bar with lots of busy activity. Many have a backsplash too, as bars and under bars can get quite messy. Please get in contact with our team to learn more about the world of underbar equipment.
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