Browne 573716 - 14" Slotted Stainless Steel Turner

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The Browne 573716 slotted turner is crafted of all stainless steel. It's 14 inches long with a 6 inch blade. The blade itself is very thin and meant to slide under foods that stick or require delicate handling, such as eggs.

When choosing which turner is right for you, you'll want to determine what kind of foods you plan on using it with. If you plan on cooking foods that have an abundance of grease, you'll want the slotted option. If you plan on cooking foods that can break apart easily or are crumbly, a solid turner would be the better choice to keep your portioning consistent.

      • Constructed of stainless steel
      • Slotted 
      • Overall dimensions (L) 14"
      • Meant for getting under sticky foods, or delicate foods that break apart easily


Brand Browne
Item Number 573716
Overall Dimensions (L) 14"