Cleveland Durapan - Electric Tilting Skillet with Manual Tilt

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The Cleveland Durapan series is floor model, electric tilting skillets with a unique space-saving design. As a result, this tilting skillet requires no clearance at the rear or sides. It is electric and can come in a 30 gallon capacity as the SEL-30-TR, or a 40 gallon capacity as the SEL-40-TR. The entire machine is constructed of stainless steel.

The Cleveland Durapan series comes complete with thermostatic and safety controls. The thermostat is governed by a thermostat knob, and it also has an on/off switch and pilots; all of which are recessed to prevent breakage. The electronic thermostat has a temperature range of 37° to 218° Celsius. These controls are splash proof, and the electrical connections are watertight.

A tilting skillet is great for large batch or a-la-carte cooking. Unlike cooking equipment that has one cooking surface, both the bottom and the sides of the braising pan heat. As a result, you get a fast an even cook.

Cleveland is a household name in Canada's restaurant and hospitality industry. They started as Cleveland Range, which was one of the oldest food service equipment providers in the United States. Since then, they have come under the ownership of Welbilt, which through their subsidiaries is the largest manufacturer of cooking and warming food equipment in all of North America. All Cleveland tilting skillets that we sell are made and serviced in Canada.

      • Made and serviced in Canada
      • NSF approved
      • Electric
      • 30 and 40 gallon capacities
      • Constructed of stainless steel
      • Space-saving design; no clearance required at the rear or sides of the machine
      • Adjustable thermostatic controls from 37° to 218° Celsius
      • Fast heat-up and recovery time; preheats in 15 minutes; full capacity from cold to boiling in 60 minutes
      • Spring assist cover with an adjustable vent and full width handle
      • Controls are an on/off switch, thermostat knob, and pilots; all of these are recessed to avoid breakage
      • Four stainless steel feet; rear flanged for bolting to the floor
      • The unit is serviceable from the front end
      • Anti-splash pouring lip



Model SEL-30-TR, SEL-40-TR
Brand Cleveland
SEL-30-TR Dimensions (WDH) 36" x 37" x 38"
SEL-40-TR Dimensions (WDH) 48" x 37" x 40"
Capacity 30 gallons, 40 gallons
Electrical 208v / 14.4kW, 18kW / 3 phase


One year parts and labour warranty from the date the product is installed, or twenty-four months from the date of shipment from the Welbilt facility, whichever comes first.