Doyon Bakery Oven
The picture of the two deck oven has the optional proofer.

Doyon 4T - Artisan Stone Deck Oven - Four Pans Wide

  • CAD Regular price $56,112.00

The Doyon 4T series of artisan stone deck ovens has a capacity of four 18" x 26" sheet pans per deck, end loaded (or eight half-size sheet pans per deck). Up to 4 decks can be stacked. It has a 1" thick refractory stone deck, with an 8" deck height (it can be purchased with other heights as well, 6", 10", and 12"). It gives you even temperature control from the top to bottom, front to back, for precise baking.

Doyon's stone deck ovens have been designed for the artisan baker. It's the best oven for the bakery that wants to make old-world artisan style crusty bread with thick and crispy crust and an incredibly soft interior. They are also a perfect choice for a variety of quality hearth breads, pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, pizzas, and much more.

It features individual self-contained steam injection systems for each chamber, and electronic control boards for each chamber, which will give you: independent baking temperature and time; independent temperature regulation for bottom, top, and front heat ratio; and manual steam injection for each chamber. For more information on this oven, check out the Doyon brochure. Or to see how much you can bake in a single chamber per hour, check out the productivity chart.

      • Built in one piece with up to four oven chambers
      • Individual self-contained steam injection system for each chamber
      • Four chamber heights: 6", 8", 10", and 12"
      • Chamber capacity of two 18" x 26" pans
      • 1" thick refractory stone decks
      • Digital electronic control board - independent for each chamber
      • Brightly lit
      • Low amperage electric operation
      • Optional 18 pan proofer, or 9 pan low profile proofer
      • Optional eyebrow hood
      • Includes stand and oven cover
      • Models 4T1, 4T2, 4T3, and 4T4



Two year parts and one year labour warranty.