EFI - Galvanized Equipment Stand with Stainless Steel Top - 24" Deep

  • CAD Regular price $153.00

This EFI equipment stand has a depth (front to back) of 24 inches, and has 1.5 inch high risers on three sides to make sure your equipment is secure. It comes in a wide variety of widths, so you should be able to find the right size for any piece of equipment.

This equipment stand has a heavy duty, rugged build that should last you for many years to come. Its top has been TIG welded, and the entire top surface has been machine polished to a satin finish.

It is shipped to you unassembled, which will reduce the cost of shipping, and it is very easy to assemble together. It comes with a large undershelf to hold smaller items. And the adjustable ABS bullet feet will ensure your table won't be wobbly.

      • 1.5" riser on three sides to securely hold equipment in place
      • Heavy duty, 18 gauge, Type 430 Stainless Steel top provides long life
      • Top is TIG welded
      • Entire top surface is machine polished to a satin finish
      • Reinforced to exceed industry standards
      • Galvanized hat channels are secured to top by structural adhesive and weld studs


    Item Dims. (WDH) Capacity Undershelf CAD
    TES2412 12" x 24" x 25" 500 lb* 350 lb* PDF
    TES2414 14" x 24" x 25" 500 lb* 350 lb* PDF
    TES2416 16" x 24" x 25" 500 lb* 350 lb* PDF
    TES2418 18" x 24" x 25" 600 lb* 400 lb* PDF
    TES2424 24" x 24" x 25" 700 lb* 450 lb* PDF
    TES2430 30" x 24" x 25" 800 lb* 450 lb* PDF
    TES2436 36" x 24" x 25" 900 lb* 450 lb* PDF
    TES2448 48" x 24" x 25" 1000 lb* 450 lb* PDF
    TES2460 60" x 24" x 25" 1100 lb* 500 lb* PDF
    TES2472 72" x 24" x 25" 1200 lb* 500 lb* PDF

    *Please note: the manufacturer has not provided load capacities for these models. We believe these estimates are fairly accurate, but they are still only estimates, so please use your own discretion.


    All EFI products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of your original purchase date. EFI Sales Ltd may repair or replace defective units at its discretion.