Ice-O-Matic GEM1306A - 21" Modular Pearl Ice Machine - 1350 lb Production

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The Ice-O-Matic GEM1306A is a modular "Pearl" ice machine that can produce up to 1,350 pounds of ice every 24 hours. Pearl ice is a chewable, nugget-style ice that is perfect for fountain drinks. It's soft and long-lasting, making it a favourite for customers.

The GEM1306 is an air-cooled machine. The GEM series of ice machines has a lower energy consumption than cube ice makers. And the stainless steel exterior construction, industry-leading in-line direct-drive technology, and "SystemSafe" monitoring technology help reduce the number of costly breakdowns. To find out roughly how much ice you require, check out Ice-O-Matic's ice sizing brochure.

      • Made in America with top quality parts and construction
      • Pearl Ice soft, chewable ice crystals‚ Cools beverages faster and longer while maintaining flavors better
      • Decreased water and power usage compared to cube ice makers
      • SystemSafe load monitoring system constantly checks workload on gearbox, shutting down system before a problem develops and preventing costly repairs
      • Water Sensor eliminates low or no water failures and cannot be affected by adverse water conditions
      • Rugged stainless steel evaporator and auger ensures reliability
      • Industrial-grade roller bearings and heavy-duty gearbox provide years of trouble-free service
      • Quality control over 500 ice machines are produced daily in Denver, CO. Every Ice-O-Matic machine must go through 3 harvest cycles at one of the 80 test stations before they are sold.
      • Energy Star qualified machines



Model GEM1306A
Dimensions (WDH) 21" x 24" x 27"
Condenser Air
Daily Ice Production ~1,350 lb
Water Usage 12 gallons (per 100 lb of ice)
kWH Used ~4 (per 100 lb of ice)
Voltage 208-230/60/1
Min. Circuit Ampacity 15.8 or 17.4
Fuse Size 20
Approximate BTUs 8,100


Usually ships in 2 - 5 business days.


Three year parts and labour warranty for the ice maker. Five year parts labour on evaporator and compressor. And seven year parts and labour warranty on the evaporation when enrolled in the Ice-O-Matic filter program.