ITV IQ 300C - 20" Self-Contained Flake Ice Machine - 360 lb Production, 132 lb Storage

  • CAD Regular price $5,497.00

The ITV "IQ 300 C" is an ice machine that will give you up to 300 pounds of flake ice per day, with built-in total of 132 pounds of storage. The flake ice from this machine would be great for a number of establishments: for seafood in grocery stores or in restaurants, for healthcare or labs, for sports, or of course for drinks!

ITV has packed the IQ 300 C with a number of great features. It has very strong mechanics, built from a simple, strong design -- so this flake ice machine should last you for many years to come. It has security controls, which will protect the machine from failures from a variety of areas. And it's got easy access to its components and parts, which will make servicing and repairing the machine a breeze.

Overall, ITV has crafted a great flake ice machine, with solid materials and a solid, simple design.

      • Flake ice
      • Daily production: up to 360 pounds a day
      • Storage: 132 pounds
      • 20.25 inches wide
      • Air cooled or (on special order) water cooled


Daily Production 360 lb (70- 50º F) 260 lb (90- 70º F)
Storage 132 pounds
Water usage 1.8 gallons per hour
Voltage 115V/60Hz/1
Amps 7
Net Weight 165 pounds


24 months parts and labor, plus 12 additional months parts on compressor, and plus 36 additional months parts on Auger.