Kilotech KBI 64 - Bar Inventory Scale with 10 lb Capacity

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Kilotech's KBI 64 is an analog scale that's perfect for measuring bottle contents accurately. Its ability to calculate said contents maxes at 64 fl. oz. With this scale, you can weigh bottles and cartons up to 10 lb / 160 oz.

The Kilotech bar inventory scale provides a fast, accurate and virtually calculation free inventory of your distilled spirits, cordials and liqueurs. The most accurate method of inventory control in any bar is to determine the total number of fluid ounces in stock. It is easy to calculate the ounces in full bottles, but it is difficult to determine what exactly remains in open bottles to keep precise inventory.

All measurements with this scale are meticulously precise. The scale comes equipped with a fine tooth rack and a pinion mechanism to aid in accuracy. With a "rapid stop" shock absorber the scale cuts the stabilization phase of measuring liquid significantly. Also, the scale has accuracy in below zero temperature just in case you need to operate it in a fridge or freezer. Please note this scale is not legal for trade. 

      • Can measure fluids accurately up to 64 fl. oz.
      • Weighs bottles and cartons up to 10 lb / 160 oz. 
      • Fine tooth rack and pinion mechanism help make precise measurements
      • "Rapid shock" absorber to help stabilize quickly
      • Accuracy below zero temperature
      • Stainless steel platform


Model KBI 64 FL. OZ & OZ. 
Capacity 160 oz. / 64 fl. Oz
Platter 7.5" x 7.5" 
Graduation 1/2 oz / 1 fl. oz


Six month warranty.