Grill Brushes, Scrapers & Bricks

There are a lot of different ways to clean a commercial griddle! You can use a grill brick, a griddle screen, or a griddle scraper. It all really comes down to what you prefer. Some people have been using bricks forever and want to keep using them, while others would prefer a 3M griddle scrubber because it avoids the little pieces that break off from the brick, while other people want a scraper so they can really put their back into it and get those stubborn pieces of their grill. It's all up to you.

The word "grill" is a bit misleading. A "grill" technically refers to something made with grills, like the front of a truck, so it's not a very precise term. When people in the foodservice industry use the word grill, it can mean a number of things: a flat-top griddle, a charbroiler, a panini press, or an outdoor BBQ. That being said, most of these brushes and scrapers are designed to be used with a flat-top commercial griddle, although we do have a few cleaning brushes that can be used on a charbroiler or panini press.

Again, which one you go with really comes down to preference. These are all commercial quality, so they will be able to get your burnt-on food off for most griddles. You can also consider that some of these items have longer lifespans than others. Some of these items, like the 3M pads are disposable after being used a few times, whereas a griddle scraper should last you much longer before having to be replaced. If you're looking for some more help in picking out the brush you want, give us a call, live chat with us, or send us an email. We're here to help!
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