Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Restaurant Seating

These are restaurant patio chairs. They are commercial-grade seats, to withstand the wear and tear of a restaurant's patio.

Restaurant Patio Tables

This section includes both patio table tops, table bases, as well as one-piece units and outdoor side tables for lounges.

Commercial Patio Heaters

These are perfect for those fringe months where the weather is a bit cooler, especially in the evening.

Commercial Fire Pits

A great solution for hotels and golf courses: this is an alternative to outdoor tables, but allows for a more casual seating arrangement.

To provide your customers with the best outdoor dining experience, whether it be a large family meal or simple drinks with friends, you want quality furniture that will endure everything that gets thrown at it.

The commercial-quality products you'll find here are not like residential-strength furniture you would buy just one of at a local retailer for your backyard. These products are meant to last, withstand hot and cold temperatures, hold large-weighted customers safely, and take a beating without breaking. And of course, this commercial-grade category is not limited to use just at foodservice establishments and restaurants, outdoor tables and chairs are essential for poolside, hotels, resorts, and more.

Tables and chairs are the two main categories that make up this collection. Everyone should be comfortable, but the main difference between indoor and outdoor furniture is the latter's ability to withstand the elements of the great outdoors - bugs, sunshine, hot, cold, birds, just to name a few. And of course, Canada is an incredibly seasonal country with ice and snow so make sure to have some storage space inside for your summertime furniture. And make sure to measure your doors too!

Patio heaters are a great way to extend your patio season as long as possible into the cooler autumn nights as well as during the springtime. Many have a small footprint and an attractive "lamppost" appearance. Some of them can heat an area as large as 175 square feet. They're a great way to take the chill off.

Fire pits, or flame tables, provide a similar solution with a totally different design and aesthetic. They, like patio heaters, are great conversation pieces, but also serve as an alternative to tables. If you don't necessarily want to have tables outside and prefer a more casual arrangement, the rim of a fire pit can handle a few plates and cups. They're safe for cooking food, but it's not recommended as they can get messy quite quickly from marshmallow or hot dog residue. They're great for patios, golf courses, vineyards, and more.