Outdoor Restaurant Seating

If your restaurant has a patio, deck, or other type of outdoor dining area, commercial-quality furniture is a must. Outdoor seating and tables are necessary items for providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your guests. And outdoor seating is not limited to food establishments; it's just as needed at hotels, resorts, poolside, and more.

Durability matters, comfort matters, and easy transport matters. The primary distinction between commercial-quality indoor and outdoor furniture for restaurants is the product's ability to withstand the elements - heat, cold, rain, wind, bugs, birds, leaves, potentially snow, and maybe even ice. And of course, they need to withstand humans! So these are designed to be heavy-duty and last for many years of commercial usage.

Patio chairs like these are not the same as the kind you'd buy for use at home, which will break easily and get discoloured quickly if used in a commercial setting. On the other hand, commercial-grade options like the ones we sell are built to endure and last. The ability to withstand chlorine and salt air come in handy when picking out furniture for poolside or beachside compliments, plus being easy to clean.

And remember - Canada is a seasonal country so outdoor dining is a seasonal market. Therefore, outdoor furniture needs to be cleaned, maintained, and stored for several months of the year if you're in the Great White North. And of course, make sure to check the sizes of your doors before ordering!

Please note, many of these commercial seating options are sold in bulk quantities, meaning they are sold in lots. If you have any questions, please let us know.
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Other Outdoor Furniture

Restaurant Patio Tables

This section includes both patio table tops, table bases, as well as one-piece units and outdoor side tables for lounges.

Commercial Patio Heaters

These are perfect for those fringe months where the weather is a bit cooler, especially in the evening.

Commercial Fire Pits

A great solution for hotels and golf courses: this is an alternative to outdoor tables, but allows for a more casual seating arrangement.