Garland XPress XPG12 - 12" Gas Commercial Clamshell Grill with One Platen - 12,000 BTU

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A 12" gas clamshell grill for high-volume cooking

The Garland XPress Grill, is Garland's leading contribution to the world of clamshell cooking, otherwise known as double-sided, accelerated cooking equipment. Do you need to cook faster? Do you need to cook at a higher volume with less space? Do you need better consistency with your food quality? Do you need to ensure food safety? Do you need to cut down on training time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know the Garland XPress Grill can help you achieve it. Also, there's a little restaurant (you may have heard of them), MacDonald's, that uses this machine to make burgers that millions around the world have come to know and love. And they do it in under a minute!

The Garland XPG12 is 12 inches wide and comes with one platen. The platen differs from platens of other competitors in that it has two, exposed, shoulder bolts that can be used to calibrate the platen. Normally, any calibration is quite extensive, and would require opening the top of the platen to do any calibration. Closed, the resting gap between the platen and grill plate is 2 inches. However, the platen can move from 1000th of an inch to a max of 2 inches away from the griddle plate.

The Garland XPress grill features Garland's patented easyTouch screen controls. There's so much you can do with these. For starters, the screen is IPX4 rated so you can splash water on any part of the screen and not have to worry about it. It has multiple menu and recipe settings, and you can change recipes and temperature on the fly. Other features include locking the screen for 30 seconds to give it a quick wipe down, and a sleep mode that can either cool down or preserve the temperature of the machine.

The max temperature of the XPG12 griddle plate is 400° Fahrenheit, and the max temperature of the platen is 450° Fahrenheit. With every purchase of a Garland Xpress grill you get a box of Teflon sheets. You can typically use one Teflon sheet for a month before having to replace it (15 days on one side and 15 days on the other). Additionally, with every purchase of an XPress grill, you get a cleaning kit. This cleaning kit includes a scrape for the grill, a squeegee for the Teflon, and a brush for the grease trays on each side.

Garland is a Welbilt brand and is trusted worldwide for their commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of commercial cooking equipment. In particular, they're loved by Canadians because all Garland sold in Canada is made in Canada, and parts and service are done here as well. This is a major victory for our economy!



      • Made in Canada
      • NSF approved
      • Runs on natural gas or liquid propane
      • Upper and lower grill plates cook both sides simultaneously, reducing cook times by up to 50%
      • Lower griddle plate is made of 3/4" thick carbon steel
      • Lower griddle plate is heated by one electric heating element and two gas burners
      • Upper platen is heated by nickel plated cast aluminum electric heating elements
      • Electric top heater provided with replaceable quick release Teflon sheets
      • Programmable control for each cooking lane
      • Automatic lifting and lowering of the platen
      • 2" cooking gap
      • Garland patented easyTouch controls with a variety of features and an IPX4 rated screen
      • USB interface to update menus
      • User interface provides advanced diagnostics and error logging for ease of service and increased first-time fix
      • Stainless steel construction
      • Has four swivel casters with front breaks


Model XPG12
Type Flat top grill
Brand Garland
Dimensions (WDH) 15.66" x 36.63" x 59.89"
Power Type Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
Electrical 220v / 50, 60Hz / 3 phase

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