Magnum MAG5008 - 10" Wok Ladle

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The Magnum MAG5008 is a stainless steel commercial wok ladle with a wood handle. It's 10 inches long and has a capacity of 10 ounces. Ladles like this are used for stirring woks on a wok range or a chop suey bowl.

Wok ladles, sometimes called Asian ladles, are used to cook a variety of saucy and watery foods, like stews and soups. Since they're long, they keep the user at a safe distance while cooking. And thanks to the wood handle, the user can cook all day and not have to worry about it getting too hot to use.

Another tool similar to this is the wok spatula. Whether or not you should a wok ladle or a wok spatula is mainly determined by personal preference, as they're oftentimes used interchangeably.

      • Stainless steel with wooden handle
      • 10 inches long
      • Used for stirring woks or a chop suey bowl
      • Great for a variety of foods: rice, noodles, soup, stew, etc.


Brand Magnum
Dimensions (L) 10"
Capacity 10 oz