Rational iCombi Pro - Electric Combi Oven with Touch Screen Controls - 6 Full-Sized Pans

The Rational iCombi Pro is truly a next generation combi oven. With its four self-cooking intelligences it is extremely easy to use, allowing you to fry, roast, grill, steam, poach, bake, etc. a wide variety of products from meat and vegetables to baked goods and desserts.

The model CC1ERRA.0000218 is an electric, intelligent, connectable systems that can fit 6 full-sized sheet pans. It also comes equipped with a removable, standard hinging rack that provides different rack options on all of its levels. Regarding the combi steamer modes, you'll get a range of 86 - 266 degrees Fahrenheit for steam, 86 - 572 degrees Fahrenheit for convection, and 86 - 572 degrees Fahrenheit for combination.

      • 304 stainless steel interior and exterior
      • Electric heated
      • Triple-pane cooking cabinet door
      • Energy Star certified




    This is the iCombi Pro's intelligent climate management. Intelligent sensors, a high-performance heating system and fresh steam generator, and active dehumidification interact to ensure that the right cooking cabinet climate is always available. iDensityControl ensures extraordinary productivity while maintaining high levels of food quality, even cooking, and minimum energy consumption.



    This is the iCombi Pro's cooking intelligence. With 6 operating modes and 5 cooking methods to choose from, and desired result specification, the unit suggests settings while intelligent sensors detect the size, quantity, and condition of the food. During the cooking process, the system continues to adjust parameters like cabinet temperature, airspeed, and cooking time to the second. Thanks to iCookingSuite you can save time, raw materials, and energy while maintaining food quality without having to check the procedure.


    This function intelligently and flexibly organizes the production process. This includes which products can be prepared together on different trays, the ideal sequence of dishes, and monitoring the cooking sequence. It supports users with prompts, arranges the sequence of dishes according to order positions, schedules them based on a certain target time, and more.


    This is the intelligent iCombi Pro cleaning and descaling system. It recommends the amount of chemicals and ideal cleaning stage from nine available programs based on usage and any limescale in the steam generator. Interim cleaning cleans the unit in only 12 minutes, and all cleaning programs can also run overnight without the need for supervision. It consumes small quantities of phosphate-free care products, water, and energy. This means that your unit is always clean without manual work and at minimal costs.


    Model CC1ERRA.0000218
     6 x 1/1 GN | 6 full-size sheet pans | 12 12" x 20" steam table pans
    Dimensions (WDH) 42.5" x 41" x 31.625

    Weight 302 lb
    Casters None
    Voltage 3 AC 208/240 V


    Two years parts and labour. Five year warranty on the steam generator.