Hotel Pans & Insert Pans

Hotel pans, insert pans, and metal food pans by any other name would smell as sweet. There are a lot of words for them, but this really is a fairly simple category of smallwares. It also includes covers, false bottoms, and vegetable inserts. Our hotel pans come in quite a few sizes and depths, which work well together in chafers or food prep tables and pizza prep tables

In a chafer, just make sure you also have a water pan (which usually comes included with the chafer). The water pan will sit in the chafer frame and hold your hotel pan(s). A layer of water in between the two will form steam that will keep your food at a safe, even temperature and prevent burning on the bottom. Water pans and hotel pans look similar, so here's an easy way to tell them apart: a water pan's sides go straight down while a food pan will taper in a little bit so the base is smaller than the top edge.

We keep these products in stock and ready to ship quick, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us! Our staff are always here to provide expertise and help you make the best decision for your business.
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