Refrigerated Display Cases

Most of these refrigerated cases have curved or straight glass, but some of our cases also have an open front design — these type of cases you’ll usually find in grocery stores or larger deli shops. If you’re looking for a more “Grab-N-Go” style of refrigerated display case, check out our open coolers. They work best for a variety of items that customers can grab themselves.

But we also do have a few dual-service display cases here (dual-service means it has both self-serve and full-service capabilities). And don’t necessarily discredit a unit just because it says it’s a “deli” or “bakery” case. Some of the machines have other functions: you could put some bottled drinks in some bakery cases, for instance.

Always make sure to check the refrigerated temperature of the unit. You don’t want to order one of these machines and then find out it’s not cold enough for the health inspector!

A deli display case is perfect if you’ve got a deli, pizzeria, grocery store, or a sandwich shop. These are versatile display cases that can even work for convenience stores if you want to put in bottled drinks, grab-and-go snack, salads, wraps, sushi, or yogurt parfaits. As the name suggests, these display cases are intended specifically for deli shops (though that is not the extent of their use) so their perfect for displaying your meats and cheeses and pasta salads.

A bakery display case is great for cakes, pies, or pastries in you bakery, convenience store, or diner.

If you’re unsure of which display case you should buy, give us a call and we’d love to help you out.
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